pj@English History
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RE28005 HARLEIAN MISCELLANY, THE SELECTION FROM THE HARLEIAN MISCELLANY \75,000@1793.@In 1 Vols.@@@@A Selection from the Harleian Miscellany of Tracts, which principally regard the English History; of which many are referredto by Hume. 571pp., double columns. (London: C. & G. Kearsley,1793) Bound in half calf over marbled boards. 29x23cm.
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SL26214 LEWIS, S. TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF ENGLAND... \120,000@1842.@In 4 Vols.@@@@A Topographical Dictionary of England, Comprising the Several Counties, Cities,..., with Historical and Statistical Descriptions: and Embellished with Engravings of the Arms of the Cities, Boroughs, Bishoprics, Universities, and Colleges: and of the Seals of the Various Municipal Corporatios. FIFTH EDITION. In 4 Vols. with some pieces of picture and illutrations and so on. (London: S. Lewis & Co., 1842) Original dark green cloth, gilt stamped and lettered on spine. Top and bottom of spine rubbed, hinges slightly cracked, top joint slightly cracked, all edges soiled and stained, ex-libris, but else good. 29.5x24cm.
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PK29007 RAPIN de THOYRAS / N. TINDAL tr. HISTORY OF ENGLAND. \280,000@1732.@In 2 Vols.@@@@The History of England. Written in French by Mr.Rapin de Thoyras.Translated into English with Additional Notes by N. Tindal.In 2 Vols.; 849,807pp., 4 folding maps(1 repaired and rebacked),engraved illustrative headings, 6 genealogy charts on 3 plates, 5folding genealogy tables, folding table, illus. of coins.(London: Printed for James, John and Paul Knapton....., 1732)Early polished calf, gilt rulling, slightly rubbed. Marbledendpapers. SCARCE. 39.5x25cm.*p.140 printing is slightly faded, vol.2; p.48 black spotting.
1605278 SANDERSON, E. THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY \75,000@1897.@In 6 Vols.@@Original cloth.@LONDON, BLACKIE & SON, LIMITED.@ ITS PROGRESS AND EXPANSHON AT HOME AND ABROAD COMPRISING A DESCRIPTION AND HISTORY OF THE BRITISH COLONIES AND DEPENDENCIES. ILLUSTRATED BY ENGRAVINGS AND MAPS original brown cloth, gilt title and decoration on spine, gilt and green coloured illustrated decoration on front cover, Complete set in 6 volumes 25.5x18cm
10062426 SHAW, WM. A. The Knights of England \35,000@1906.@In 2 Vols.@1152pp.@Original red cloth.@SHERRATT AND HUGHES.@ A Complete Record from the Earliest Time to the Present Day of the Knights of all the Orders of Chivarly in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of Knights Bachelors Complete set in 2 volumes 25x18.5cm.
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TK11008 SOMMERS COLLECTION COLLECTION OF SCARCE TRACTS. \95,000@1795.@In 1 Vols.@@@@A Collection of Scarce and Interesting Tracts, Tending to Elucidate Detached Parts of the History of Great Britain; selected from the Sommers-Collections, and arranged in Chronological Order. (London: R. Edwards, 1795) xvi,627pp. Contemporary full tree calf, gilt ruled and decorated on covers, with 5 raised bands on spine, which similarlydecorated with red morocco label, edges yellow stained, endpaper marbled. Rubbed to extremities of spine, covers loose but not detached. SCARCE. 28x22cm.
LG02280 SOMMERS COLLECTION COLLECTION OF SCARCE TRACTS. \95,000@1795.@In 1 Vols.@@@@A Collection of Scarce and Interesting Tracts, Tending to ElucidateDetached Parts of the History of Great Britain; selected from theSommers-Collections, and arranged in Chronological Order. xvi,627pp. (London: R. Edwards, 1795) Contemporary calf, neatlyrebacked with black morocco label. A good copy. SCARCE. 28x22cm.
10071912 SPRAT, T. HISTORY OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY \25,000@1959.@In 1 Vols.@438pp.@Original blue cloth.@Washington University.@edited with critical apparatus by Fackson I. Cope and Harold Whitmore Jones with original jacket SCARCE
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RJ09010 TAYLOR, E.G.R. MATHEMATICAL PRACTIONERS OF HANOVERIAN E \30,000@1966.@In 1 Vols.@@@@The Mathematical Practioners of Hanoverian England 1714-1840. A sequelto The Mathematical Practioners Tudor and Stuart England.503pp., 12 plates. (Cambridge UP, 1966) Cloth with dust wrapper.
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